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Where are you located?

305 E Main St, Tremonton

Do you have other times available besides what is listed online?

Yes, especially if you are within 12 hours of the time you want. Our system will auto block times, but you can call the number above to request a time that is best for you.

Do you accept Insurance?

In a way. You can bill your insurance company yourself. Contact your insurance provider to for details. We will print out an invoice to send in yourself for reimbursement.

Do I need to remove all my clothes for Massage?

No. Massage should be comfortable and relaxing. You should undress to your comfort level. We do recommend undressing down to underwear at least for the best results.

Which massage should I book if I don't want my whole body worked on?

We book by the time not the area's you want worked on. Tell the therapist what areas you want work on and the area's you don't.  You will be asked if you want Gluteous muscles (Butt) worked on at your first appointment. You may also request a seated massage in our specialty massage chair.

Why did prices increase?

Prices for massage have increased everywhere across Northern Utah. The biggest reason for this is overall rising costs. We will always strive to keep price increases to a minimum.

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